Welcome to Tibiri Energy Group LLC

Tibiri Energy Group, LLC (TEG) is an Energy & Power and Environmental Consulting firm with clients in local, state, national, emerging markets, and businesses. We promote innovative investments for reliable and affordable energy and power (E&P) projects.

We foster customer choice programs related to sustainable development to protect the environment. We collaborate among a diverse group of E&P stakeholders including regulators, utilities, businesses, governments, and civil society. We perform engineering designs and studies, and energy economic analyses to shed light on costs, benefits, and risks associated with projects and policy options.

TEG is a certified minority business enterprise (MBE) in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, D.C., New York, New Jersey, NYNJ Port Authority, NY City and Baltimore City.

An increasing number of industries are seeking to use energy more efficiently due to market pressure, public awareness of environmental sustainability, and rising energy costs and volatility. Energy efficiency (EE) is potentially one of the most important and cost-effective means by which organizations and individuals can mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions for sustainable development.

Asking a right question finds a right procurement strategy for your business. There are several power procurement mechanisms including Fixed Price, Flexible Index, and Index Plus Block procurements. We help you navigate through these procurement mechanisms and give you the right product for your business. Please contact us today for details!

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    Our Mission

    To provide reliable and affordable clean energy and energy efficiency services with a focus on emerging and innovative ways to reduce costs for our customers.

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    Our Vision

    We are committed to providing innovation and high performance to help our customers meet their energy needs.

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    Our Values

    We value the environment. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of our industry and encourage innovation to develop better ways of developing clean and affordable energy solutions.


Over half of the fortune 100. No enterprise challenge is too big or complicated for us.