About Tibiri Energy

Tibiri Energy Group, LLC (TEG) is an Energy management and Consulting firm with clients in local, state, federal and international governments, and businesses. We promote innovative investments for reliable and resilient power and energy (P&E) projects. We foster customer choice programs and protect the environment. We collaborate among a diverse group of P&E stakeholders including regulators, utilities, businesses, governments, and civil society. Our research shed light on costs, benefits, and risks associated with different projects and policy options.


  • Design and implementation of energy efficiency (EE) projects
  • Design and implementation of renewables/DER projects with PPA
  • Regulatory, policy, technology and cost-benefit analyses, and rate designs
  • Energy audits, EPC, and EM&V services
  • Wholesale power, electricity/REC and PPA procurements and Risk Management
  • P&F energy trading including ISO/inter-ISO (real and forward), NYMEX power/natural gas, ICE & Nodal Exchange power, and Congestion/FTR/ARR trading/analysis
  • RTEM, DR, and IDSM
  • Utility tariff analysis and bill management services
  • G&T interconnection and T&D planning/expansion studies
  • Construction management, project management and program management
  • International P&E project development
We provide our clients the information necessary to develop and implement effective energy strategies to maximize their energy savings and navigate the complex energy policy arena to prevent and/or solve problems that may arise from changes in the energy markets and/or regulatory reforms.

TEG is a certified minority enterprise (MBE) in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, D.C., New York, and New Jersey.