Tibiri Energy undertakes energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy (RE) and distributed energy resources (DERs) projects from conceptualization to implementation. We evaluate related financial metrics (e.g., LCOE, IRR, NPV, PAYBACK PERIOD, and PPA Prices) and environmental impacts for projects.

We undertake and add value to:

  • Engineering and economic studies to determine costs and benefits of the projects
  • Financial analyses for customers to make informed decisions about their projects
  • Wholesale energy and retail electricity procurement assistance
  • Energy management for customers to save energy/electricity and money
  • Demand Response
  • Technology Assessment, Policy and Regulatory Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Rate Designs, and Energy Storage, EV, and DER integration Studies
  • Energy audits, Energy Performance Contracting, Pay for Performance Contracting and Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Services
  • Applied research on environmental, climate change mitigation and adaptation issues
  • Engineering of generation and transmission (G&T) interconnection and T&D planning/expansion studies
  • Construction, Project, and Program Management services and Construction services
  • Energy and power project development in the emerging markets
  • Education, Training and Outreaches on energy and environmental subjects