Customer Care Services

Q: I pay my utility bill online. Can I continue to do that after choosing Tibiri Energy as a new supplier?

A: If you have signed up for online billing with utility, then you should be able to continue to pay utility bills online.

Q: When do you often read my meter?

A: It depends on the local utility servicing schedules. For more details, please contact the local utility.

Q: Do you have a budget billing plan available? If so, how do I enroll?

A: We don’t have budget billing at this time but we are working to implement budget billing. We will inform you when it becomes available.

Q: How do I contact Tibiri Energy’s customer service to discuss billing or other non-utility issues?

A: You can call us at 302-530-1893 or email us at

Q: Will you look at my credit report or a recent credit rating before confirming my enrollment as a new customer?

A: Not always but we have the right to determine if your credit standing is satisfactory under this contract. Tibiri Energy will use uniform income and credit requirements to determine whether to offer service to customer.

Q: What if I am planning to own net metering?

A: If you currently owns or plans to install solar, wind, or other eligible renewable energy sources for your electricity supply all or part of your electricity usage or will be net metered by the utility, you must call us in advance to determine your eligibility and to properly enroll or continue to serve you.

Q: Do you offer Time of Day pricing?

A: We do not offer Time of Day Pricing at this time.