Trading & FTR

We provide physical and financial (P&F) power trading assistances including:

  • Production cost modeling and load flow analyses to forecast congestion and location marginal prices (LMPs)
  • Weather pattern and fuel price analyses to forecast congestion and LMPs
  • Generation dispatch, load bidding, transmission outage, and/or contingency analyses to forecast congestion and energy prices (LMPs)
  • ISO & Inter-ISO power trading (real time, forward, Inc/Dec) in MISO, PJM, NYISO, NE-ISO, NEISO, CALISO, ERCOT and SPP markets
  • Up-to-congestion trade in PJM
  • Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs) selection
  • Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) & Transmission Congestion Contracts (TCCs) selection
  • Power and natural gas trading on ICE/OTC and Nodal Exchange
  • Power and natural gas trading on NYMEX
  • Statistical, fundamental and trend analyses for wholesale market price patterns
  • Analyses of renewable generation dispatch scenarios, and their impacts on LMPs, Hub prices, zonal prices and contract prices
  • Risk management

FTR/TCC & ARR Trading:

We provides guidance for power companies and investors looking to select auction revenue rights (ARRs), financial transmission rights (FTRs) or Transmission Congestion Contracts (TCC) in ISO energy markets.

We assist market participants in hedging their energy price risks using FTRs/TTCs.

FTRs/TCCs entitle the holder to a stream of revenues (or charges) based on the hourly congestion price differences across a transmission path in the Day-Ahead Energy Market. Market participants are able to hedge against their congestion costs by acquiring FTRs/TTCs that are consistent with their energy deliveries.

Whether it is FTR & TCC bidding or ARR bidding, we perform quantitative analyses on ARR/FTR/TTC markets to recommend ARR/FTR/TCC profitable paths.

We use tools : GridView, PROMOD, DAYZER, UPLAN, PSS/E, POWERWORL and/or statistical tools to forecast wholesale energy prices (LMPs) and FTR paths.