Wholesale Market/ FTR Analysis

Our team provides guidance for power companies and investors looking to enter, expand, and/or diversify their participation in energy markets. We will help you with consumer choice and market demand, firm behavior and the supply side of the market, equilibrium in markets, comparative static equilibrium analysis, price signaling and interconnected markets, and when to use market analysis in policy work.

Independent System Operators (ISOs) auction Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) to assist market participants in hedging their energy price risks when delivering energy on the grid. FTRs entitle the holder to a stream of revenues (or charges) based on the hourly congestion price differences across a transmission path in the Day-Ahead Energy Market. Market participants are able to hedge against their congestion costs by acquiring FTRs that are consistent with their energy deliveries. Whether it is FTR bidding or ARR bidding, we perform quantitative analyses on FTR/ARR markets to recommend FTR/ARR profitable paths.