Every audit begins with a detailed analysis of energy bills over the last 12-26 months. We then perform the following, based on client needs:

  • Type I-Energy Audit: Includes walk-thru inspections of the facility to identify maintenance, operational or deficient equipment and areas which need further evaluation.
  • Type II-Energy Audit: Includes economic calculations to identity actual energy consumption and losses (ASHRAE level I)
  • Type III-Energy Audit: Uses computer models to determine the actual year round energy consumption of buildings (ASHRAE level II)
  • Investment Grade Audit: Calculates economic risk in a type II or III. This audit can be used to obtain funding for the projects identified.

In addition to energy auditing, TEG performs evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V) services to assess the performance of energy efficiency activities so that the planned results can be achieved with greater certainty and future activities can be more effective.

We also help an organization to manage its energy efficiency initiatives by developing an Energy Performance Management (EPM) Plan which establishes energy management goals across the organization and the strategy for implementing those goals.