Distributed energy resources (DER) address a range of power industry challenges: efficiency, reliability, power quality and load balancing. On-site power facilities (flexible gas unit), energy storage, PV system, and microgrids are some of the DER strategies we can implement.

Our services include:

• Planning, designing, construction and startup consulting.
• Evaluating the factors affecting a particular site.
• Helping to determine the most effective and advantageous implementation.
• Identifying and resolving the complexities that come with integrating DER.

We have economic and financial analysts as well as power supply planners to address the potential impacts on rate-payers, communities and system loads.

We calculate financial metrics based on a project’s cash flows over an analysis period that you specify. The financial model uses the system’s electrical output calculated by the performance model to calculate cash flows for:

  • Residential (retail electricity rates)
  • Commercial and Community (net metering or power purchase agreement (PPA))
  • Industrial (net metering or PPA)
  • Utility-Scale (PPA)
  • Hybrid Optimization Modeling: Solar PV-Plus-Battery Storage and a Back up Generating Unit (or CHP) (net metering or PPA)

If you have a time of use (TOU) rate structure, you can maximize the benefit of your system.

A solar PV system or a solar PV-plus-battery system has several advantages: lower electric bills, reduce carbon emissions, take advantage of tax credits, provide energy security, and sell the excess of electricity if you have net metering law. A solar PV-plus-battery system can reduce demand and energy consumption charges by 30%-70%, according to the study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Berkeley Laboratory.

Project Delivery:

Front-End Planning: We help you benefit from maximum predictability in capital expenditures, enabling reduced project costs up to 20 percent and compressing schedules.

Project and Program Management: We provide strength to help you tackle the design, construction, permitting and interconnection of complex cogeneration projects.

Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) and Design-Build: We reduce your risk, shorten your project schedules, provide a single point of contact, lessen your staffing commitment and establish an environment for innovation.

We provide complete engineering and economic studies, performance details and financial metrics, interconnection and permitting services, and construction and project management services.

TEG also develops grid connected and off-grid microgrids for commercial and industrial applications and rural/remote areas with unreliable energy infrastructure.

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