Tibiri Energy’s grid integration studies use state-of-the-art modeling and analysis techniques to evaluate the operational and infrastructure impacts of high renewable generation penetrations at regional and national scales.

Tibiri Energy works with electric utilities, energy policymakers, and other industry partners to integrate large-scale renewable energy into the transmission system. We study transmission and grid integration issues and provide data, analysis, and models to enable the electric power system to more efficiently manage the variability of renewables such as solar and wind power.

Wind and solar energy offer environmental benefits, low operating costs, and reduced dependence on foreign fuel. However, wind and solar generation vary with wind speed and solar insolation. This variability affects how transmission systems with high penetrations of renewable energy sources operate. We identify these effects and finding solutions to address them to enable transmission grid integration.

Our Capabilities:

  • Power systems simulation: Expertise in large grid integration studies, such as production cost and dynamic, load flow and short circuit modeling, and simulation of large power systems
  • Transmission system planning: Expertise in the planning of transmission-level power systems
  • Co-optimization of transmission and distribution system: Expertise in the co-simulation of combined transmission and distribution systems to gauge the impact of distributed energy resources on the bulk system and how bulk system operations impact distributed energy resources
  • Development of power system models using PLEXOS (an electricity production simulation model)
  • Modeling of advanced distribution systems, including quasi-static time-series models, planning-type models, distribution dynamic models, and advanced distribution system equipment models
  • Development of advanced distributed energy resources interconnection technical screens
  • Renewable project development (solar, wind, and DERs)

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