Q: Who is TEG’s strategic partner?

A: TEG has several competitive partners with excellent management solutions. They provide competitive residential, commercial and industrial services. TEG works with its partners to deliver cost-effective and environmental friendly services. Our combined strengths will deliver a higher level of services.

Q: What is the purpose of the Energy Choice program?

A: Energy Choice is the option for customers to select their electricity services. In competitive energy markets and through regulatory initiative, the traditional monopoly structure for supplying energy services to retail consumers is opened to choice and competing suppliers. Although Energy Choice is still in its early stages, many customers have already realized its benefits for more competitive energy prices, improved customer service and technological and product innovations.

Q: What changes can I expect from a new supplier?

A: Energy Choice allows you to pursue pricing options and plans for your supply portions of your energy bill that may be lower than what your local utility is currently offering. If you choose a new supplier, your bill will reflect this change and your electricity supply portion of your bill will show a line item with your new electricity supplier and prices.

Q: What happen when I choose a new supplier?

A: You will continue to receive reliable energy service. Energy service components such as wires and transformers will remain where they are. Physical modifications are not required because energy is delivered through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by local utilities. Local utilities will continue to be responsible for reliability and delivery services. Costs associated with those delivery services will continue to be charged by your local utility at the current rates.

You will also still receive one bill from your utility. The bill will appear the same as it was in the past. The local utility will continue to provide operation and maintenance services of the electric grid, for example, a meter service and power outages.

Q: Are there any fees incurred when choosing TEG?

A: We do not charge an enrollment or start-up fee for entering into an agreement with TEG. We will not charge a fee for terminating the agreement. Our pricing plans do not include any applicable taxes or local distribution company charges which are charged by the local utility.

Q: What factors should you consider when selecting a supplier?

A: We suggest that you look at your current electricity bills to see how much you are spending on electricity supply, and learn what your savings would be. Please call us if you have any questions!

Q: What steps do you need to choose a new supplier?

A: Have you utility account information ready, review our available plans, read the terms and conditions of our plans, and fill out the simple online form when you decides to join us.

Q: Do I have to notify my utility company of this change?

A: No. When you sign up for our service, we will contact your utility company to switch your service. After, you will receive a notice from your utility company confirming the selection of TEG as your electricity provider.

Q: Will my local utility company treat me differently, when I select alternate electricity service provider?

A: The local utility will not treat you differently because you have chosen a new electricity supplier. The local utility will continue to provide the same reliability services.

Q: If I owe my utility company for charges due to budget billing, do I need to settle those before signing up?

A: You do not have to settle budget billing before choosing TEG as your new supplier but you should be aware that we are not currently able to offer budget billing. You may continue to utilize budget billing with your utility for energy distribution charges and related taxes and fees.

Q: What is a residential rate class?

A: According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), electric utilities use rate classes to categorize customers into classes of service and determine rates for electric services.

Q. What is a commercial or industrial rate class?

A: Electric utilities use rate classes to categorize customers into classes of service and determine rates for electric services.

Q: How do I know if the rate class I have is eligible for TEG’s service?

A: Simply look at our service plans at our website, email us or call us, we will tell you if we have your rate class. We estimate savings are based on Residential Service (R) rate class only. Savings may be lower for other rate classes. You may find your rate class and any special provisions on your bill.

Q: Can you look at my credit rating or a recent credit rating before confirming my enrollment as a new TEG customer?

A: Not always but we reserve the right to determine if your credit standing is satisfactory for the contract. TEG will use uniform income and credit requirements in determining customer qualification for the service.

Q: I pay my utility bill online. Can I continue to do that after choosing TEG as a new supplier?

A: If you have signed up for online billing with utility, then you should be able to continue to pay utility bills online.

Q: When do you often read my meter?

A: It depends on the local utility servicing schedules. For more details, please contact the local utility.

Q: Do you have a budget billing plan available? If so, how do I enroll?

A: We don’t have budget billing at this time but we are working to implement budget billing. We will inform you when it becomes available.

Q: How do I contact TEG’s customer service to discuss billing or other non-utility issues?

A: You can call us at (413) TIBIRI-5 or email us at info@tibirienergies.com

Q: Will you look at my credit report or a recent credit rating before confirming my enrollment as a new customer?

A: Not always but we have the right to determine if your credit standing is satisfactory under this contract. TEG will use uniform income and credit requirements to determine whether to offer service to customer.

Q: What if I am planning to own net metering?

A: If you currently owns or plans to install solar, wind, or other eligible renewable energy sources for your electricity supply all or part of your electricity usage or will be net metered by the utility, you must call us in advance to determine your eligibility and to properly enroll or continue to serve you.

Q: Do you offer Time of Day pricing?

A: We do not offer Time of Day Pricing at this time.