Industrial customers can rely on our expertise to reduce risk, realize savings, access capital for reinvestment and gain control of expenditures and operations.

Customers are not enjoying the benefits of wholesale energy prices when prices come down because they are on a fixed price schedules. Efficient retail rates must reflect wholesale market prices which vary by time and location. Allowing retail/wholesale customers to have access to time-varying rates will help customers to take control of their electricity costs (e.g., by curtailing usage during high-cost periods and increasing usage during low-cost periods). This process is called a price-responsive demand (PRD) or real-time pricing (RTP) which can produce substantial benefits in terms of lower resource costs and increased economic efficiency for customers.

TEG will help its customers to implement enabling technologies (e.g., smart meters/thermostats) to receive wholesale market price signals. We will also help our customers to use enabling technologies for demand response programs to improve reliability and monitor energy consumption.

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