TEG is highly committed to helping its residential customers and understands how to manage the variables that affect electricity prices to ensure lower and more stable costs to the consumer. Signing up for a new residential electric supplier is easy. State regulations vary but other than signing up for a new electricity plan, you shouldn’t have to do anything else. We will do the remaining work for you.

We offer a variety of electricity plans depending on your need. You can develop your own solar plant to reduce your energy cost.

Fixed Rate or Variable Rate?

    • Fixed Rate

Customers that find price certainty and predictability important can choose plans with a fixed price. A fixed price ensures you’ll get the same price over your entire contract period and can prove very helpful if electricity supply rates rise because you’ll still pay the same rate.

    • Variable Rate Plan

Customers who chooses this residential electricity plan will benefit from its flexibility. You have the power to choose your own home electricity supplier and receive variable rates (time of use pricing). Time of Use Pricing (TOU) provides customers with information on the time of day that your energy is consumed. By utilizing TOU pricing, you can shift your electricity usage to hours where electricity costs the least, thereby lowering your total bill.

    • Green or Renewable Plan

Depending on the state, customers concerned about keeping a competitive rate and helping the environment can choose one of our renewable energy plans and have a percentage of their electricity generated from clean, renewable wind sources.

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