Energy Performance Contracting


Every audit begins with a detailed analysis of energy bills over the last 12-36 months. We then perform the following, based on client needs:

  • Benchmarking Audit: A detailed preliminary analysis of energy usages and accounting. It is cost-effective when dealing with several facilities.
  • Type I – Energy Audit: Includes walk-thru inspections of the facility to identify maintenance, operational or deficient equipment and areas which need further evaluation.
  • Type II – Energy Audit: Includes economic calculations to identity actual energy consumption and losses. It is equivalent to ASHRAE level I – energy survey and analysis.
  • Type III – Energy Audit: Uses computer models to determine the actual year round energy consumption of buildings. It is equivalent to ASHRAE level II – detailed analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications
  • Investment Grade Audit: Calculates economic risk in a type II or III. This audit can be used to obtain funding for the projects identified.

In addition to energy auditing, TEG performs evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V) services to assess the performance of energy efficiency activities so that the planned results can be achieved with greater certainty and future activities can be more effective.  

We also help an organization to manage its energy efficiency initiatives by developing an Energy Performance Management (EPM) Plan which establishes energy management goals across the organization and the strategy for implementing those goals.

Tariff Analysis & Bill Management


It is often difficult to determine how customers are being charged for their utility services due to the complexity of today’s utility pricing structures. TEG offers detailed billing analyses to identify key cost components and relates these costs to the customer facility process. We look for opportunities for savings on the utility bills through different rates and metering positions.

We also identify key energy consumption patterns and demand profiles to develop unique energy reduction techniques. With this knowledge, our customers have the ability to make process changes and rate selections that result in savings ($$). Our service will be completely automated for clients to access their account online.

In this tariff analysis, we implement the corrections authorized by you, and do all the correspondence and negotiation with the utility companies until final resolution; which may include a refund. We guarantee you savings.

TEG also provides ongoing account management services and we use Energy Cap Software and other in-house tools to collect and analyze bills and rates.