Generation and Transmission Interconnection Studies

Energy Facility Siting- From Generation to Market:

To support generation and transmission interconnection for Generation Developers, Transmission Owners, and/or ISO/RTOs, we perform the following:

  • Technical site screening for energy delivery for onshore/offshore wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, biomass, or conventional generation projects. Technical work includes:
    • Complete feasibility and impact studies and environmental analyses (e.g. sitting, permitting, air pollutions & regulatory frameworks)
  • Transmission & Distribution design planning/expansion and reliability studies:
    • Load flow & short circuit analyses
    • Transfers, generation and load deliverability studies
    • Stability or transient studies (if necessary)
    • Market efficiency studies and operational analyses
    • Smart grid application analysis and designs

Project Finance Advisory Service:

  • Development of comprehensive financial models for generation and transmission projects (e.g., cash flows, investment returns, debt service coverage ratios (DSCR), etc.)
  • Analysis of financial structures (net revenues, interest rate, term, credit enhancement measures, etc. )
  • Due diligence process analysis (e.g., project contracts, project time-lines, construction arrangements, fuel studies, environmental reports, legal documents, insurance, financial statements, operating assumptions, credit/risk assessment, projections, etc.).
  • Other financial mechanisms: Private finance, grants/rebates/tax credits, third party finance (PPA), risk capital, mezzanine finance, corporate finance, participatory finance, risk finance/insurance, etc.

To find out if we can provide the information your company needs to make generation and transmission decisions, contact us.

Congestion Analysis:

In addition to generation and transmission we also conduct analyses to determine the location of transmission constraints and estimated costs of mitigating those constraints. This analysis can be used for sitting new generation and transmission facilities as well as to establish the valuation of existing assets.

For this and other projects, TEG is able to serve as Project and/or Asset manager.