Distribution Policy and Strategy 

The distribution grid is the backbone of a reliable electric system and an effectively planned distribution grid is critical for providing essential electric service to customers. We provide:

  • Support for small generation interconnection and energy storage policy development
  • Support for distribution system planning, DER interconnection and hosting capacity analysis policies
  • Lead for electric business model transformation efforts
  • Cost-benefit analysis of different resources for decision making
  • Support for rate development including rules and tariffs development
  • Assistance to Public Service Commissions (PSCs) with rate designs, policy development and analysis

Transmission Policy and Strategy

  • Develop strategy and advocate for the business interests for Transmission Policy, Strategy and Business Development.
  • Monitor governance over transmission planning, cost allocation of ISO transmission projects, transmission rate designs, and cost recoveries
  • Provide interconnection strategy for utility-scale wind, solar and energy storage projects
  • Assess the impact on power system performance of integrating renewable energy resources, and advise and evaluate the technical and economic viability of such integration
  • Provide strategy, technical, finance, and engineering for the competitive transmission project development and support proposal development and submittals to respond RFPs
  • Provide written reports and deliver presentations to senior managers for decision-making
  • We guide business entry, mergers and acquisitions and diversification of energy assets