Comprehensive Transmission and Distribution Line Design Services:

  • Grid Modernization
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Transmission & Distribution Line, and Substation Design
  • System Studies
  • Industry and Regulatory Compliance
  • Procurement
  • Construction & Program Management
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Efficient Electrification

Generation and Transmission Interconnection (G&T) Studies:

  • Feasibility, impact, and facility studies, and environmental analysis
  • Economic analysis of generation and transmission lines in a regulated or deregulated markets
  • Production cost analysis of generation
  • Determination of locational marginal pricing (LMP) in deregulated markets
  • Transmission constraint and congestion analyses
  • Impact analysis of uncertainties (e.g., forced outages of transmission/generation, and fuel price, load, wind forecasts)
  • Evaluation of the operational and economic impacts of renewable energy resources (DERs)
  • Analysis of the resource adequacy indices, LOLE, and EENS
  • Allocation/purchasing of ARRs/FTRs
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA) structuring
  • Power market analysis

Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Planning, Expansion and Reliability Studies:

  • Load flow & short-circuit analyses
  • Transfers, generation, and load deliverability studies
  • Stability or transient studies (if necessary)
  • Market efficiency studies and operational analyses
  • Production cost modeling studies
  • Power system modeling for market studies

To find out if we can provide the information your company needs to make generation and transmission decisions, contact us.

Congestion Analysis:

We also conduct transmission constraint and congestion analyses and estimate costs of mitigating those constraints and congestions. These analyses may be used for sitting new generation and/or transmission facilities as well as to establish the valuation of existing assets.

Project Finance Advisory Service:

  • Develop comprehensive financial models for a generating unit (e.g., cash flows, net revenue, investment returns, interest rate, debt service coverage ratios (DSCR), etc.
  • Perform transmission rate analysis, financial model development, and analysis of proposals that seek to finance, construct, own and operate transmission lines