Retail Market

Tibiri Energy is also an electricity retailer. We provide one-stop shopping for your electricity needs (residential, commercial or industrial) and energy-efficient technologies and/or a clean energy options to save you more money on your bill and reduce wasteful consumption.

We strive to:

  • Provide the best engineering design options
  • Recommend market leading, most appropriate and cost-effective technology
  • Recommend energy efficiency and renewable energy financing mechanisms including local, state and federal incentives and utility rebates
  • Provide information on local, state and federal incentives for customers to consider in their investments
  • Provide information on utility rebate programs for customers to take advantage
  • Provide local interconnection rules and regulations for renewable energy resources

State regulations vary, but switching to Tibiri Energy is as easy as signing up for a new plan. Let us take care of you and reduce your energy bill! Visit the pages below to see more about our individualized services.


Community Services


Why Choose a New Supplier?

  • In the past, utility companies provided all aspects of energy services.
  • Now customers in competitive energy markets can choose their electricity service providers. This competition drives innovation and provides choices for customers. It helps keep energy costs as low as possible.
  • While energy choice is still fairly new in many states of the U.S., customers who are located in competitive states have already experienced the following benefits:

–      More competitive energy pricing plans

–      Reliability and sustainability of services

–      Improved customer services

–      Technological and product innovations and options

–      Budget certainty or flexibility