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Wholesale Energy Portfolio Management

Retail suppliers who buy energy in the wholesale market should understand spot and forward power pricing structures to reduce losses. The electricity market is complicated because energy cannot be stored on a large scale (why?). Energy demands follow pronounced daily patterns, and prices of energy are often higher during peak periods. The important question is: How do retail suppliers protect their investments? We invite them to explore our specialized knowledge of energy markets and risk management techniques. We use empirical analyses to provide unbiased price estimates for our customers. Our price forecasts help our customers to understand forward premia and reduce commodity risks associated with price, quantity and revenue. We can in part, help your business:

  • Budget stability on fixed load
  • Hedge against wholesale market price exposure
  • Fix any portion of the load Index
  • Provide price transparency for customers
  • Provide fixed prices over the contract period
  • Offer flexibility for the term of the contract
  • We will provide management, settlement, reconciliation and reporting functions for your accounts.

Demand Side Management

Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)