Demand response (DR) is designed to reduce the use of electricity in response to power grid needs and economic signals from a competitive wholesale market or special retail rates.

In PJM wholesale electricity markets, end-use consumers realize value for reducing their demand for electricity. They participate in DR by reducing their electricity uses either during an emergency event or when locational marginal prices (LMPs) are high on the PJM system.

End-use consumers participate in DR in PJM through members called curtailment service providers (CSPs), who act as agents for the customers. TEG works with our CSP partners to enroll you in the DR program (emergency, economic or both). DR can compete equally with generation in these markets.

In addition to DR, TEG can also implement integrated demand side management (IDSM) including EE, DG, DR, EV, and Storage to deliver a broader range of technologies that can optimize customers’ energy consumption.