International Project

We partner for international energy projects and can help you be successful in emerging markets by providing:

  • Pre-feasibility and environmental impact assessments, etc.
  • Design, feasibility study and project scheduling (development, financing, and construction)
  • Description of project risks (e.g., development, financing, environmental, off-taker, transmission, social, technology, construction, commissioning, operation, revenue generation and market, legal, regulatory, politics, etc.)
  • Description of the proposed project sponsor’s business experience or government authority, as well as the proposed project sponsor’s track record and capacity for implementation of the projects
  • Analysis of project economics including:

1. Estimation of capital costs

2. Operational costs

3. Internal rate of return estimates

4. Debt and equity estimates

5. Anticipated revenues

6. Power purchase agreement (PPA) structuring 

We also provide country-by-country assessment of supply, demand and renewable energy potential and technology prospects for decision-making.

Some technological solutions are relatively easy to implement but require an enabling environment, with appropriate policies, regulation, governance, and access to capital markets. Several emerging countries have already succeeded in making steps necessary to scale up renewables such as adoption of support policies, investment promotion, and collaboration. We will help these countries to deploy the right mix of generation resources including modern renewable energy resources to eliminate power shortages; bring electricity and development opportunities to people, businesses, and governments; spur on industrial growth; create entrepreneurs and jobs; and support increased prosperity.